About Us

Samachar Adda is a online news portal that compiles the latest and most relevant news from various national and international sources and presents them in a concise format of 70 words or less in Hindi. The summarized stories contain only facts and headlines, without any opinions, to keep you informed on current affairs. Whether it’s news on government policies or Bollywood shakeups, Samachar Adda covers them all and delivers them at lightning speed.

To ensure your privacy is protected, Samachar Adda only requires certain permissions. It will never access photos, videos, media files, make calls, send messages, or save or distribute device information. The app needs access to the device’s storage to save representational images and send images along with text when sharing a short. It also requires the device ID to identify and solve technical issues.

Samachar Adda comes packed with features, including a search function that allows you to find any short, recent or old, by typing in a keyword in the search box. The search bot even suggests topics related to your query so you stay informed end-to-end. A news reader allows you to browse bite-sized 70-word shorts to get updated on the latest news in a short amount of time. You can also browse through headlines with the Samachar Adda widget on your home screen.

The My Feed feature intelligently learns your preferences as you swipe and displays personalized stories, videos, and other content only for you. The app curates news and headlines from various categories, including India, politics, entertainment, business, technology, startups, world, sports, and more, all in one place. The news is sourced from various categories and sources to ensure that you always get the best. Samachar Adda sends limited daily notifications for the most important and breaking news of the day.

Sharing news is easy with Samachar Adda as it supports social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Hike, email, and more. The articles are sourced from various publishers and news channels, such as Reuters, Indian Express, PTI, The Guardian, NYT, Outlook, TechCrunch, Sportskeeda, and many more.

Samachar Adda is the fastest way to stay updated with current affairs and to prepare for competitive exams like UPSC, CAT, XAT, and other central and state government job exams. Whether you’re interested in Bollywood stories, BCCI news, science talk, or political news, Samachar Adda brings all of the day’s news together in one simple, easy-to-use interface. Save time and stay updated with Samachar Adda. Download it today!